Lifelong Resident of Malden

I am honored to seek re-election as Ward 3 City Councillor. I strive to drive a term of remarkable progress!


Attorney John P. Matheson Announces Candidacy for Ward 3 City Council

     My name is John Matheson.  As you may know, I have been carefully considering running again for Malden City Council.  Sitting with my neighbors for coffee, or listening on your doorsteps, I have consistently heard a call that our city is ready to better meet the needs of its People.  Therefore, I will accept your nomination, and humbly ask the People of Ward 3 for their vote for Ward Councilor.

     When I first ran for Ward 3 City Councilor in 2007, our campaign called for the City Budget to be published online as it was elsewhere.  We also opposed a vague Council pay raise and new sign restrictions that violated people’s rights.  We registered voters, achieved a high turnout, and our issues subsequently resolved; as did some overdue park and sidewalk repairs.  With a term in City Council we can do more.

     Like you, I know what it is like to live, work and pay taxes in Malden.  I know how hard money is to earn - how easy it is for government to tax it from us - and how often it is wasted.  I hear you condemn recent examples of patronage and theft.  Like you, this causes me distress.  Four generations of my family have called Malden home.  When my family went in search of the American Dream they found it in Malden.  In the 1950’s my grandfather opened a bakery here, and today I have a law office. 

     I am the first in my family to graduate from college.  I was prepared by the Malden public schools from Hilltop Nursery School to Glenwood, Beebe, and Malden High School.  I earned a BA With Honors in Political Science from the University of Massachusetts via Clark University.  In 2001 I earned a Juris Doctor Degree from Rutgers University School of Law, followed by a Masters Degree in Business from Suffolk University in 2007. 

     I presently work as a trial attorney and real estate broker in Malden Square at historic 442 Main St.  I also give time to public service.  While pursuing my studies in government, I interned for US Congressman Ed Markey.  During law school I donated legal work to the Volunteers for the Indigent of Philadelphia.  More recently, I volunteered at the Boston Homeless Veterans’ Shelter, and now serve on the Board of the Bread of Life in Malden.  In addition, I am a member of Malden’s charitable Mt. Vernon/Galilean Masonic Lodge, the Shriners, and Malden’s local Bar Association.

     Since the last local elections our government has levied hefty fees on our trash bags and a sharp increase on our water.  The timing has left our People powerless for 18 months and resigned to undertake the painstaking petition process.  I supported giving the People of Malden a voice by contributing to the Malden Taxpayers for Accountability petition from its conceptual beginning to today.  However, petitioning is a poor substitute for a democratic government that gives our People a vote, or council representatives that represent our will. 

     We deserve fresh, new representation with a direct mandate from the community.  I have learned much over eight years as an attorney.  Duty, accountability and taking direct responsibility on difficult issues is true leadership.  I have spent my career advocating on behalf of people.  I am an effective communicator, conciliator and public advocate.  This experience, as well as a diverse education in law, government and business, are the virtues I offer as a representative to the People of Malden.

     Over the months ahead I will ask you to join me in crafting proposals to get Malden working for all of us again.  This will be a campaign where you and I roll up our sleeves and work together.  It will be fueled by your ideas and will be committed to replacing out-of-touch politics with policies that meet the specific needs and priorities of the People of Malden.  Together we will engage our neighbors to find out what keeps them awake at night and where they believe our quality of life can be most improved.  Our great city is ready for leadership that protects the interests of all residents and expands opportunities essential for our city to reach its greatest potential.

     Our city’s history, from its role in the American Revolution to today, reminds us of why Malden is a great place for all of us to call home.  Now is the time to turn another page in Malden’s history and start a chapter that recognizes our historic glory and inspires a new one.  I am truly excited about our future and know that together we can bring government back to the people.  Please join me in this grassroots campaign and get involved to help us build a better Malden.  Please feel welcome to email me: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - visit me in person at my law office: 442 Main St., Third Floor, (781) 254-3602 - or call me at home: (781) 324-4965, 26 Bartlett Street.  To learn more, please visit  I respectfully thank you for considering me as your vote for Ward 3 City Councilor.

We planted

More Trees

John drafted a new tree care ordinance, held Malden’s first Arbor Day, and provisioned $80,000 for Fellsmere Pond improvements


Better, Safer


Modernized fleet of vehicles; high-tech cameras linking police HQ with schools and hot spots; and 9 new officers.


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